We have been stocking Bullrush in our shop since the very beginning. It has always been a really great brand for us, my customers love it.

To all our country customers, the work shirts are amazing! Bullrush has, for the last 20 years, been dressing Australian men, women and children in what we believe to be the best work shirts on the market. After all, thousands of happily satisfied, discerning customers can’t be wrong. Since 2004 Bullrush have released over 28 colours into the market. At the moment the top 6 colours are; Fuschia, Green, Red, Stone, Cobalt and Navy.

I think they’re almost too good just for working in! They wear really well and wash up a treat. It’s actually not good for me as they last so long, it takes people ages to come in for a new one.

The work shirts are 100% cotton and range in sizes from XS – 4XL. The shirts have plenty of room and length (for tucking in) and are easy to move around in, they won’t restrict you!
Best part is they retail at $59.95! We often have deals in the shop; buy 2, get the second half price

Enough of the work shirts.

Bullrush also produce beautiful shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans and accessories. These are also fantastic quality, I am still wearing shirts from 5 years ago!
The shirts are a great “go to town” outfit with jeans, belt and some boots. So stylish, I have walked down the streets of Palm Cove (a tropical paradise in North Queensland) and been stopped and complimented, whilst wearing a Bullrush shirt.
In other words, they are not just for country style, but can also translate to urban and resort wear.

Their attention to detail is second to none, with buttons, contrasting fabrics, buckles and sequins adding so much more to the clothing’s appeal. We can’t wait for our Bullrush winter collection to arrive, keep an eye on our website for it’s very well anticipated arrival.