Has anyone else notice that you pick the colours of your clothes each day according to the way you’re feeling?

Cape dress – red floral

I think we do it without even realising it!

At present I’m having a black and red week. No I didn’t purposely think “Ok, this week I’m only going to dress in red and black,” I just keep choosing those colours subconsciously.

Colours do affect your feelings: black is often used in fashion for its slimming quality, but it also reflects our feelings. Black is associated with:

  • boldness
  • formality
  • mystery
  • strength
  • luxury
  • seriousness

It’s interesting to note that out of 18 colours, as a favourite black ranked 13th overall, while in clothing choice, black ranked number 1 for both genders.

Continuing on with assessing my obsession this week with black and red, let’s look at how red reflects your feelings. Red is associated with:

Betty Cherry Pop

  • love and passion
  • warmth
  • comfort
  • intensity
  • anger
  • excitement
  • energy
  • strength
  • confidence

So according to my colour choices I’m putting out feelings of strength and confidence. (Although, my husband has just arrived home after a week away – could be passion!)

What are you wearing today? What do you think your colours say about how you feel?

Orange – excitement, confidence, enthusiasm, warmth

Pink – calmness, kindness, femininity, love, romance

White – purity, innocence, cleanliness, freshness, simplicity

Brown – strength, reliability, security, warmth

Blue – serenity, loyalty, wisdom, peace

Green – tranquillity, aides concentration, relaxation, security

Tess shoes

Purple – regal, sensuality, soothing, mysterious

Yellow – energetic, complex, cheerful


It’s not always something we think about, but just for fun, look at those around you and have a go at guessing how they’re feeling. They may unconsciously tell you more this way without saying a word!