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Handbags speak louder than words

At Fushia Belle we have some beautiful handbags in store. From patent leather to recycled canvas, small and large, clutches, baskets and purses. We even have an amazing Sakroots bag which unzips at the bottom to reveal an insulated lunchbox – great bag for new mums or for a beach bag! The top half is a large waterproof space for nappies, swimwear, picnic blankets…whatever else you can think of!

I have more bags now than I’ve ever had in my life! It’s so much fun to swap them over to match my outfit. The saddest thing though is when your favourite bag has been loved to death, and finally fall apart or the zip/strap breaks. But I’ve never thought of how the handbag came about: I just assumed they were always there! I looked up the history of the handbag and here’s what I found out – quite fascinating, don’t skip it, it’s worth a read!

Since civilisation began, bags and purses have been used by both men and women to carry practical everyday articles, such as tools and money. Not many exist in the museums as they were usually made from perishable materials.
Men’s clothing was eventually designed with pockets, leaving the women to carry bags; usually attached to their belts. The chatelaine was popular for a time: a hook with chains to which keys, knives, scissors and sewing tools were attached.

As time went on, the volume in women’s clothing enabled them to attach one or two bags or pockets under their skirts. But as styles changed again and more streamlined silhouettes came back in, the reticule (a small drawstring pouch worn on the wrist) came into fashion, made from all kinds of fabrics.
With the industrial revolution, new manufacturing methods developed, and new materials such as papier-mâché, iron, and polished steel were used. Bags invented with the train traveller in mind are the precursors to modern handbags.

20th century bags evolved as fashions came and went. As more women were employed, becoming more mobile, handbags changed to meet their needs, ie leather document cases, large leather or PU bags for visiting/shopping and small, sparkly bags and metal clutches for evening.
Branding has become huge, and we can all recognise the logos of globally iconic brands Chanel, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana etc.

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you.

~ Billy Connelly

Have fun shopping for your new handbag with us…we are always happy to explain all the features of our lovely collection!