So, many of you might know that my mum has a shop in Charters Towers.  A shop that has all the pretty things in it.

Mum doesn’t like to toot her own horn (unless it’s about her curry, and that’s allowed because Mums curry is the bomb-diggidy), so I will do it for her.  I offered to write a blog to get her started, and to introduce my mum, the lady behind the logo.

Caroline and Neill

Caroline and Neill

Mum has always had a flair for fashion, she always dressed to suit herself rather then what was on trend at the time (I hate that word ON TREND, so lame).  I remember whenever mum would come and visit me at school, she was always dressed beautifully and all my friends would comment on how nice she looked.  I was very proud of her.

I still am proud of her, even if she is a bit annoying and bossy sometimes (a mothers prerogative I suppose).

Although, I remember always being dressed the same as my little sister and I hated it.  It’s a terrible, cruel thing to do to your children.  I was always mortified, and while the parents of friends would come up and tell me lovely I looked, my mates would just tease me mercilessly.

Understandably so.

As I grew up and had more say over what I was wearing, I still would refer to mum for her guidance.  Quality over quantity, dress for your shape and taste and not necessarily what is the fashion at that point in time.

Mum was a dress shop assistant, and then within a year or so, had purchased her own business in the Towers.  For those who do own their own business they will realized is a LOT OF WORK.  My parents thrive on it, they are tired all the time but I know that when mum has a customer come out of a dressing room, and you can just tell she feels amazing (there is a little strut that comes with feeling amazing isn’t there?), or a customer puts on a dress she would never usually pick off the shelf and LOVES IT? Well, that’s pretty cool.

Jess, dressed for the races

Jess, dressed for the races

Mum dressed me for the races, and look – I’m vain enough as it is, but I did look pretty bloody amazing (swishes hair).

I ran into so many women at the races who mum had dressed, and you can just tell these chicks know they look good.  The shoulders are back, the swish of the hips and an air of confidence.  And of course the whole ensemble was well put together.

The only problem for me, is when I visit the Towers, mum makes me come into town (a ploy to get me in the shop) I try and stay outside, or if that fails, walk in and NOT LOOK AT ALL OF THE THINGS, otherwise I’ll buy up the shop, or I’ll be manhandled into a dressing room and made to try on clothes, which inevitably I will end up purchasing.

Then I’m on 2 minute noodles for the next week, and hiding the FLURO PINK BAG from my husband (take note mum, and think of us poor folk – maybe a nice unassuming, low key paper bag? In a beige color? Easier to hide under the car seat).

But let’s not talk about hiding things under seats shall we?


Mum and I at the races

Mum and I at the races

So, support your local business.  Yes you can buy things online from big business and faceless corporations.  But if we don’t support our mum and dad business, they won’t be here anymore.  They won’t be employing locals, buying their lunch from the local café, they just won’t be there anymore.  When you shop online, they are not going to pull you aside and tell you to try this instead, or the color you picked isn’t quite right… OR HEAVEN FORBID, that someone else has already purchased and is wearing that SAME dress to the same event you are going too!

And I don’t know about you, but I like to think that the purchase I just made goes towards school fees for their kids, or ballet tuition, or just a really big CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR ME.

Take note mother.

(I have my eye on the yellow leather bag).