Now to everyone’s favourite – the LBD (little black dress).
Yes, we all need one no matter what size or age we are, it’s our emergency ‘go to’!!

Can be worn and used in SO many ways – if you don’t have one, go out and get one straight away! Like NOW!!
Once you have one in the wardrobe, no event will phase you or put fear in your heart. Yes, you know what I mean girls, that drama;
“What will I wear?!”

When shopping for that LBD, don’t go down that road of buying something too revealing or sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that and they are fun to have in your wardrobe, but I’m suggesting a dress that flatters your shape, that you could wear to a family get together or put your sparkly earrings on and wear to the theatre.

We don’t want grandpa dropping dead from a heart attack at the sight of a full cleavage or long legs looking sexy. Or uncle . . . groping on the way past.
No girls, we need something reliable and trustworthy, that item of clothing that ALWAYS makes us feel good.

Once you have one (if you’ve never owned one before) you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Dress to suit your shape.

Add heels, jewellery, scarves, a gorgeous clutch etc. to change the look. In winter, add a beautiful jacket or pashmina.

One thing about black I love: it’s so slimming and easy to match and co-ordinate!
There is so much variety out there – buy a fabric that is easy to launder and will hold up to a few washes without fading. Use Radiant “Blackwash” to protect the colour (any excuse to talk to handsome strangers!)

Try to avoid beading and sequins as these will feel more like an evening garment, and will not feel so much like daywear. I have several black dresses in my wardrobe (my husband, Neill, just shakes his head in confusion when I buy another one) because I really love them.

I know you will love yours too – call us to check out our range in-store – we’d love to help you!