Max's Kong Toy

Max’s Kong Toy

Ok, so let’s talk about dresses!

They can be so easy as you don’t have to put the ensemble together, it’s already there in one piece! There are so many styles available; boho, vintage, classic tailored, edgy and funky, and gothic to name a few. If you are like me, you can have an eclectic collection – I love all styles!!
One day I feel like something soft, romantic and flowy, next day tailored, simple cut and fitted. I remember hating wearing a school uniform, and any job that required one. I’m in heaven as I get to dress up each day for work in the shop, and I can wear what I like!

Most people however, have on style that they favour, it’s best to dress for your shape. Have a good and honest look at yourself in a full-length mirror with your underwear on. I’m not saying this to make you feel awful about yourself (very few of us will like what we see) but if we can honestly assess our shape, it will really help to find the right pieces to dress to our best advantage.

A quick review of the shapes you may see in the mirror;

• Straight – bust and hips are roughly the same size, with not much difference in the waist.

• Pear – the hips are larger than the bust, with the waist sloping out to the hips.

• Spoon – hips larger than bust, hips have a shelf look, with the waist only a little smaller than the bust.

• Hourglass – bust and hips same size, with a comparatively small waist.

• Top Hourglass – bust larger than hips with a well-defined waist.

• Inverted Triangle – large bust, waist not well defined and small hips.

• Oval Body – waist larger than bust or hips, hips are narrow compared to shoulders, large breasts.

• Max (my dog)’s Kong* (terrible reference, but it makes more sense than ‘diamond’!) – waist is larger than bust or hips, narrow shoulders compared to hips – small breasts.

Knowing your shape (even though you may not like it) will help greatly with your next purchase. There are so many styles available, there is one for everyone – don’t get despondent if the first few you try are wrong. A good shop assistant should be able to put you on the right track.

We have so many beautiful dresses in store! All sizes and budgets covered. Come in and see us for your own personal styling session – we’d love to help!