There are a few things to consider when choosing a pair of shoes.
– Comfort
– Price
– Do they suit your outfit?
– Do they flatter your feet?


Wedges – support the whole foot and always more comfortable, this also works with a thicker heel. The material the shoes is made of also affects the comfort of your shoe. If the shoe is made of leather, it will be more comfortable, (also less smelly) as the leather will stretch to the shape of your foot. Synthetic material may give a little, but nowhere near as much and when your foot sweats it can create a smell! Having said this, I have personally found some synthetic shoes quite comfortable.

Inserts – these days you can buy shoes with orthotic inserts. If you have sore feet or are on your feet all day, these can make an enormous difference! There are some nice styles available these days that don’t look like “granny” styles. However, they usually have a strap going over the top of the foot to hold them on, but they can still look great.
Make sure you try on both shoes (as one foot is always larger) when in the store. If the shoes are uncomfortable, it may not be a good idea to buy them, unless the shoe is leather; it will stretch and become more comfortable, I have proven this many times. Always try to walk on a solid surface (not carpet) as this will give you a truer feeling of how the shoes will feel. I always encourage my customers to walk around the shop, to test the shoe’s comfort.


Where price is concerned, most places will offer a variety. Be aware, the cheaper shoes are mainly made of synthetic materials. Our budget range is called “Billini”, and they offer a fashion forward range. I am actually wearing a pair of Billini ballet flats today and I can personally vouch for their style and comfort!
We also have in our store a brand of shoes called “Bueno” that uses leather from Turkey. The leather is so soft and buttery, the shoes are instantly comfortable. Great styles too!!

We sell a few other brands (Miz Mooz, Miss M), all beautiful in our opinion. Don’t forget to check out the sale shoes, you must be lucky with this as there are usually limited sizes available. But always worth a look, you can save heaps of dollars, if you are lucky!

Next week we’ll discuss matching the shoe to your outfit and what styles will flatter your feet.