Last week we spoke about comfort and price, today we’ll delve into outfit matching and feet flattery!

Matching the shoe to your outift.

Oh, ladies, have you ever gone shopping and fallen in love with a pair of shoes that have a pattern or are multi-coloured and you just HAVE to have them – (even though you can’t think of a single thing in your wardrobe that will match them?)
So sometimes we use the shoes as a base for our outfits and buy a dress or clothing to match those shoes! MOST of the time however, we buy the shoes to match our wardrobe.

It used to be, that you would buy the shoe closest to the colour of your hem, ie. Red dress = red shoe, but I don’t think this always works, personally. For example, I would put a nude shoe with a red dress or even black if I had other black accessories. Metallic shades are always good as they can blend with any colour – rose gold, gold, silver, and pewter.

Pewter works with greens and greys really well, gold with red for a dramatic impact. I love silver with black and white. Rose gold, gorgeous with all colours.

I always have a few shoes as a basic fallback – nude, black, tan, red and navy. I like court shoes as they always look so smart, but buy the style that suits your personality!!

Make sure you suit the shoe to your outfit – shorts with flats (all kinds – ballet flats, thongs, sandals, sporty) Ball gowns with elegant heels and embellishments. Smart, tailored suits with court shoes. Jeans with anything! (oh how we love our jeans!)

Flattering those feet.

Now to those ankles – or cankles! (Cankles: fat or swollen ankle, whose flesh merges unattractively with that of the calf)
If you have short legs, to elongate your shape:

1. The higher the heel,
2. Thicker the sole,
3. Lower the opening of the shoe,
4. With pointed toes,
5. Nude colour;

The longer your legs will look, and the less chance there is to display “cankles”

If you are lucky enough to have long skinny legs to begin with, a high, pointed shoe will make your legs look even thinner. To balance your look, try a thicker heel (lots of great styles are available these days).

I hope this information has helped you buy your next pair of shoes. You know what they say girls; “when you get tired of shopping, sit down and try on shoes!”