At the start of every year everyone wants to know: what is coming up in fashion for the new season? Well, we’ve done our intrepid investigative research (reading magazines counts right?), and we’ve got the DL on fashions that are hot now, trends for the coming season, and trends we hope will die a quick and painless death very soon.

Because we’re seasonally out of sync with the fashion capitals of the world, it can be a bit confusing when you’re trying to work out whether the current catwalks are “in” for us now, this winter, or next summer. But never fear – we are here for you!


Red is having a moment in fashion again, and should be in stores now and through autumn. This includes rich shades of claret and burgundy. Floral is still going strong, especially when mixed with stripes. Tassels and fringing are on EVERYTHING, and seem set to continue. The off-the-shoulder look is still here, (and currently makes up about 40% of my wardrobe) but I suspect it may start to ease off over the year. In shoes, we’re seeing lots of slides, and for winter, over-the-knee boots.


Colour-wise, fashion experts are tipping lilac (pinkish purple), and violet, which are surprisingly flattering shades on most skin tones. Petal pink, white, camel and turquoise will feature over the colder months. We’ll also continue to see more folk-style embroidery, and sequin embellishments. Plaids and checks are big for autumn/winter. Women’s styles will be less floaty, reflecting the powerful women’s movement, with strong shoulders and blazer style jackets. There’s a slow return of the early 2000s fashions, seen in cargo pants but with a much slimmer cut. In shoes, we’re seeing square toes and feature buckles.


Trends we’ve had enough of already: clear PVC shoes (sweat fog, ugh!), designer bum bags (I just refuse to accept this, even if they try to disguise them as ‘belt bags’), cropped culottes (only flattering on supermodels), micro bags (I need to carry more than just a credit card thanks!), and…just coming in, but can go straight back out, even if it’s ‘ironic’ – scrunchies. Yup. School photos from the 90s anyone??