This season you will find a variety of styles still on trend from previous seasons, which is great for us, as we can keep wearing those trendy pieces we bought last year!

Patterns, Prints, Colours and Fabrics

Trending this year you will find a lot of;

Folk Style Prints (boho)
Jewel Colours/Brights
Feathers (white only)
Denim on Denim
Grey Suits (for the office)
Bright Pumps (for the office)
Monochromatic Outfits (all same colour)
Gingham – still going strong
Polka Dots – Black + White only
Velvet – still on trend

How To Wear

Denim is always going to be with us, let’s face it!
This year’s styles are looser fit, but go for the style that suits you, then by the matching jacket. VOILA! you are instantly on trend.
Think Brooke Shields ala 1984 (for those of us who are a little older!)

Always a good investment, Denim pieces can be separated and worn differently in seasons to come. I think this is a number one for the coming season.

With the Black/Orange trend, think carefully. Done well it looks great, but it’s easy to overdo it. Try an all black outfit with orange earrings/scarf. Keep the orange to a minimum and you can’t go wrong.

Ok, in North Queensland we hardly need these, but if you are going to buy a faux fur jacket, buy it in bright jewel colours. In fact, bright colours are high on the agenda this season, a welcome change from black and navy, winter can be dull.

Aim for outfits in one colour, using different fabrics and shades to make your outfit intersting.
If you can’t manage velvet as a trend, try buying a small piece and add it to your outfit such as a clutch or a velvet choker.

If you must have feathers (let’s face it, they’re a heap of fun) stick to white this season. Folksy prints are still going strong, just head for pieces that are cut for this season. They are so bright and cheerful, just putting them on makes you fell happy!

Cosy knits for winter this year can have fringing, or be oversize. The “unfinished” look is still a strong trend, although I know it drives many of you crazy!

For your bags, think small, choosing classic shapes and simple colours. Shoes are bright this season, and knee high boots are still going. Choose neutral tones to match your wardrobe.

Above all, have fun planning your new winter wardrobe, if you need any help or advice, please feel free to contact us or drop in to the shop!

Happy Shopping!!