This weeks topic is going to be about a very important subject; comfortable feet!
But not only comfortable feet, but comfy feet that look good!

As someone who has the condition Plantar Fasciitis from working for so long in heels, I understand the importance of comfortable feet well. So on my search for comfortable shoes, I’ve come across several brands which we now stock in Fushia Belle, they are; EOS, Bueno and The FABULOUS Miz Mooz (all the way from America).

Bueno uses leather from Turkey, which is incredibly soft and makes the shoes ready-to-wear, instantly! There is no wearing-in time, because the shoe is so soft on your foot. Also built-in is a comfort pad on the soles, so standing for any period of time is no hardship!
In the Bueno range you are covered from casual, to formal.

Brand new to our shop (and we are LOVING) is EOS, again, the leather is buttery soft and a dream on your feet! Also padded soles, and so, so stylish! Each pair that I have put on my feet, I was instantly able to wear, ALL day, no band-aids for these shoes! No wearing-in time, no blisters!
These shoes will also take you from day, to evening, we are so happy to now be stocking them in our store! The quality is just amazing in these shoes! A customer was in today, who bought a pair of EOS shoes 5 years ago, her words were “these shoes just won’t wear out, they’re fantastic!”. Great value for money.

Miz Mooz shoes are handmade in America, their shoes usually are very vintage in style, and great for a wider foot. However, Miz Mooz also carry a range of more of the latest styles, and we particularly find their wedges to be awesome! This season, we have in stock a stunning pair of black and tan wedges, that look amazing, fit well and will stand the test of time (Pun not intended).

Happy Shopping!